Sappy Juju

Testimonials from my clients.

"One of the things we most appreciated about Julia is here attitude. Exuberant might be the best word to use here, which is defined as "filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement." Julia was exuberant and brought a lot of support and assurance to my wife and I as we had our first child. She's a great listener and her experience helped us to feel calm and supported when our inverted daughter took us off script into a C-Section. We had exhausted all resources to get her flipped, even attempting an ECV. The hospital pushed back our ECV at least 10 times over the course of 24 hours while other moms needed the OR more urgently. Julia waited with us through it all, played games with my wife and I to pass the time, and sometimes just sat with us in the quiet moments. Julia may bring a lot of energy, but she's also very dynamic and can adjust to the changing needs of any situation. Most importantly, she helped me feel calm during the cesarean procedure, helped take pictures for us that we would never have been able to capture ourselves, and helped me to be in the right places when my daughter was born and my wife was still in the middle of the procedure. It hard to know what to focus on in the OR when so much is happening. Her knowledge immediately solved an issue with inverted nipples right when we got back from the OR, and I can't say thank you enough for all the support she provided. As a new dad/mom who have precious little knowledge of newborns, Julia filled in the gaps we didn't even know existed. If you need a Doula, Julia is well experienced and I would recommend her to anyone."

- Joshua Morrison (Birth Doula Client - Dad)

"If you are looking for a doula, then Julia would definitely be my recommendation. I don’t say that only because we are great friends, but because she brings light, joy, happiness, comfort, encouragement, and much more to your life no matter who you are. Six years ago I had my 3rd child. Life circumstances happened and the doula I had originally planned to help wasn’t able to come to the birth but instead we both agreed that a very capable young lady wishing to be a doula would be perfect for the job. Julia was 15 and already knew what she wanted to do with her life. She hadn’t started her doula training but I knew her well enough to know she was very capable and that she could be an amazing help. I had told her that with my previous child’s birth I internalized a lot and I wasn’t sure what all I would need but I wanted her to help. She said she understood and that however she could help she would. She constantly helped with cold washcloths and encouraging words whenever my husband wasn’t telling stories. Everyone’s experience is going to be different but I can tell you this, mine was amazing with a teenager helping and now she’s a certified doula. I can only imagine that in these past 6 years her knowledge and experiences have grown and you will be blessed with her talents that come so naturally to her."

- Brittany (Birth Doula Client)

 "I was lucky enough to have Julia as my birth doula as well as my postpartum doula with my second child. I did not have a doula with my first child, and I was so happy to have Julia the second time. I was wanting to try a medication free birth, and she was so supportive in helping prepare for that. She even attended the birthing class with me since my husband wasn't able to attend! Julia has such a sweet and pleasant demeanor naturally, so it makes it so easy to feel supported and encouraged. I ended up having to be induced, and Julia met us at the hospital early that morning to help us get settled and prepared for things to get moving! She had told us before and reminded us then that she was there to support us however she could, but primarily to help my husband support me, which I love that that's her focus. She helped with positioning and breathing while on the birth ball, and with encouragement during the contractions and breaks. Ultimately, I got to a point where the pitocin and contractions were too much, and I decided I wanted an epidural after all. She was so encouraging, because I felt like I failed making that decision. She and my husband both reminded me how strong I am and how proud they were of the work I was doing to get baby boy here. That was huge for me! After baby boy was here, Julia also served as my postpartum doula, and was again such a huge blessing to our family! I also had a two year old at the time and she would help keep him entertained, help wash and put away dishes, help with laundry, and hold the baby while I took a break too. She is so easy to be around, and I enjoyed having another adult to talk to as well! I already knew Julia and how awesome she is, but through her being our birth and postpartum doula, it just confirmed more and more how great she is. Julia is someone I can easily trust to take care of me and my children, and I would recommend her to anyone as a birth and/or a postpartum doula!"

- Joy Fuqua (Birth/Postpartum Doula Client)

"Having Julia as a doula was absolutely lifesaving. Had Julia not been there, my experience would have been way worse than it was. I had my little Lucas at St. Vincents East in Trussville, Alabama; however, if it wasn't for Julia, they probably would have had a basket case mommy on their hands. Julia turned an awful situation into a situation that could be dealt with. They wouldn't bring me my little one to nurse and kept telling me that I couldn't breastfeed, but had to formula feed. Oh, and dont get me started about the nurse. She got on my bad side when she to me I didn't need an epidural.. Julia not only advocated for my newborn and I, but also helped me calm down when the hospital was anything but welcoming. All of this to conclude, that Julia is absolutely the BEST doula you could have. She's there as much as you need her (and steps back when needed as well), she advocates for her patients and is there by your side for the whole ordeal. Who could ask for more than that?"

- Tiffany Perz (Birth Doula Client)

"Julia was my doula when I had my first child in January 2018.  I’ve also known her all my life and I can say with absolute certainty that Julia is the epitome of what it means to be a doula. She has the heart of a servant and has always loved all aspects surrounding babies and motherhood. She is also an excellent houseguest and is very tidy. She administered multiple massages to my legs, feet, hands and back that felt like sheer bliss and helped me to relax. At 9 months, I had bad swelling so the massage also helped the circulation and decrease some of the swelling. We worked on exercises to induce labor; Julia knows a whole repertoire of poses we used to adapt to my changing needs throughout my birth experience. My nurses were very impressed with her wide range of knowledge and her energetic and helpful attitude. At one point during my birth process, A midwife came in to check me and was not very kind or gentle and increased my discomfort. I was told she would be coming back in a few hours to check me again, and I told Julia I was not looking forward to it. Julia encouraged me to listen to my gut and advocate for myself, so I kindly asked the nurses to have them wait to check me until the shift change when the midwife I preferred was back on the floor. If she had not been there, I probably would have just “dealt with it” to be agreeable and not ask for what I preferred. Julia gave my husband and I space when needed and worked really hard to help my birthing wishes be realized regardless of the circumstances. Julia has enough fortitude, energy, kindness, love and patience to get through anything, which is exactly what a soon to be mother needs. She definitely improved my birth experience; if you hire her as your doula, you can’t go wrong!"

- Alexa (Birth Doula Client)

"Julia made my postpartum experience so much easier! She came at a time where I really needed the extra help. She did everything from organizing my son's overwhelming amounts of clothes to folding our laundry and doing dishes.  She even helped us re-learn how to breastfeed since we had gotten the nipple shield early on at the hospital and it was causing clogged ducts. She's just amazing and so easy to be comfortable around. She's a constant encourager and always has a positive attitude. This isn't just a job to her—she really is passionate about helping mamas navigate their new lives."

- Lindsey Tillman (Postpartum Doula Client)

"Julia was incredible during the birth of my daughter last spring. I would never have been able to go through with the natural birth without her. Having her there as a calming presence with so much knowledge on different methods to help relax your body and move into positions that would help to move the labor along was essential. I can't imagine not having her there! 100% recommend. I also went to her for a few prenatal massages which was wonderful as well."

- Laine (Birth Doula Client)

"Julia worked with us for a few days after my second child was born and my husband returned to work. Julia was very proactive in anticipating needs for both the children and myself and offering advice/resources regarding specific postpartum issues. I also really appreciated her providing much needed structured play for my toddler while I continued to bond with my baby. Julia's cheery and reassuring demeanor along with her wealth of knowledge/resources makes her an asset to anyone who chooses to work with her!"

- Jill Harris (Postpartum Doula Client)

"Julia is so awesome! I had asked Julia to be my doula and she helped answer all my questions through pregnancy and in the delivery room!! When I told my husband that she was going to be our doula he didn’t understand why we needed one. Now, after having my baby, he was so thankful that she was in there with us! Through the numerous questions at all hours, keeping my husband and I calm, directly grabbing and working with my nurses, and pulling an all nighter I could not thank her enough! If you are thinking about a doula, I highly recommend Julia. If I get pregnant again, I will definitely be calling her!"

- Lexie Harrison (Birth Doula Client)