Birth Doula

Certified Birth Doula Circle Black 300dpiPlease contact me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if finances are holding you back from hiring a birth doula! I would love to talk more with you to set up a payment plan, or a budgeted birth option.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy:

I am fully vaccinated, however during my attendance, I will remain masked unless eating or drinking.

Birth Services:

If you are interested in hiring me as your birth doula, we will have an initial interview to make sure we are a positive fit! Our options are either Zoom (no cost) or in-person ($20 non-refundable) for the initial interview. If we are a fantastic fit and both sides decide to move forward, I will send you a Square invoice for the full birth fee (due by 35 weeks gestation) with 25% of the deposit due upon hire. 

Birth Doula - Package 1 - $1500

  • 2 Prenatal Appointments (each lasting 1-2 hours): The first is focused on birth discussion, education, and comfort measures! The second is focused on specific birth goals and options for vaginal birth (with or without interventions/medications), VBACs, or caesarean birth.
  • Remote support through text/phone call during pregnancy from 9AM-9PM, unless emergencies occur.
  • On-call around the time of your estimated due date, and constant attendance with in-person support when requested during labor whether that be at home, hospital, birth center, etc.
  • Massage through labor/birth to encourage relaxation and tension relief.
  • Acupressure point work to encourage contractions if necessary.
  • Simple pictures taken through labor/birth.
  • A one-page birth story written from Julia’s perspective.
  • Around 2 hours immediate postpartum support to assist with getting settled after birth and helping with at least the first latch (or bottle if not planning to breastfeed).
  • 2 Postpartum Appointments: The first will be a text/call within the first 48 hours after birth to check in for any immediate needs. The second (1-2 hours) will be an in-person visit within the first 3 weeks after birth.

Birth Doula - Package 2 - $1750

  • Everything in package 1.
  • 2 in-studio prenatal massages (anytime available between hiring and birth on Julia’s schedule).
  • A combination of 6 prenatal/postpartum support group visits at Julia’s doula space.
  • 1 in-studio postpartum massage (anytime available between 3-12 weeks postpartum on Julia’s schedule).

Birth Doula - Package 3 - $2000

  • Everything in packages 1 and 2.
  • 7 hours (either 2 shifts of 3.5 hours or 1 shift of 7 hours) of prenatal or postpartum hours to assist with nursery set-up/organization or postpartum assistance/care.

Cancelation Policy: 
If I absolutely cannot attend your labor and birth due to unforeseen circumstances (contagious sickness, family death, etc.) and you have already paid the full fee, I will refund the full birth fee. If you fail to keep me updated/choose not to inform me when you go into labor or to the hospital, I will not refund your birth fee due to my calendar being blocked for you. I am willing to consider every birth on a case-by-case basis due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances.